Password Removal

Forgotten your password and can no longer login to your user account? Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

This service is only offered if you can provide proof that you are the rightful owner of the computer. Also this service is for local account passwords NOT Microsoft Account passwords, however I can assist in the removal of those too and will need to be done in the presence of the account holder and billed as an Onsite Visit.

Please Note: If you have forgotten your BIOS Password, don’t worry, I may be able to remove that too, this service is £30.

user account Password Removal


Local account password removed using specialist software

New password setup if required

this service is included with silver & gold package support contracts

Please Note: All prices are inclusive of VAT. The above is a fixed price for both Business and Home customers where the repair is carried out at my premises, please see Onsite Visits for hourly pricing if you require this to be carried out at your location.

Frequently asked questions

Passwords are inputted onto peoples computers for good reason, most of the time it’s to prevent others from accessing the machine so data can be protected, I just wish to maintain that level of protection and wish to confirm the rightful owner is the person handing me the machine.

If you cannot provide proof of ownership I would ask you a series of questions, such as what email accounts are configured on the machine, request the name of a few documents and pictures stored on the machine too, then I’d remove the password and check/confirm the answers, if all is well I would hand you back the machine, if all is not well I would lock the machine again.

Also not forgetting that most people would have pictures of themselves on their devices nowadays, from holidays, parties etc. So it could be very simple to confirm you are the owner without a receipt etc.

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